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Our Story....


When I arrived to America, like many immigrants who came here before me, I was scared, confused, penniless and lonely in this land of promise.  But I was not alone.  I was helped immensely by our local church members.  A retired teacher taught me English; a minister took me in and treated me like his own son; a doctor and his wife looked after me, caring for me the same as a member of their family; and a loyal friend provided me with much needed transportation in search of employment.  These amazing friends gave me nothing but love, support, and encouragement.  Most importantly they instilled in me a lesson of Love, Compassion, Kindness, Generosity, and Caring for my fellow man.  At this time of my life, such lessons were as foreign as the land I had just entered, polarized from the war torn country I had escaped.


Through these gifts so generously given, they had provided me a “JUMP START” into a new life, and through this new beginning, I was given a source of true positive energy which helped me immensely during these difficult times. Such gifts have left me forever grateful, and with such gifts, this is the perfect opportunity to give back.


JUMPSTARTME is more than a simple device. JUMPSTARTME is a constant reminder to me that no matter how difficult my life can become, a "JUMPSTART" will provide me with the POSITIVE ENERGY  I need to overcome the difficulties & challenges that lay before  me, helping me become people of true change. It works for me and I strongly believe it can do the same for you. 


Take a JUMPSTARTME with you in your next journey as I always take it with me wherever I go as a constant reminder that life is a wonderful journey and when I am low in energy, it is there to help. 


Give JUMPSTARTME as a gift to a friend, teacher, employee, business associate, customer, family member or loved one - a small act of kindness that can begin great change.



Finally, what is JUMPSTARTME?


Life can be very difficult, and along the way, all of us are in need of an extra push - a "jump start" into a new day. With JUMPSTARTME, this small device brings help where help is needed the most - people who are travelling difficult paths, in need of someone special to give them a hand. You can be that someone - with JUMPSTARTME, you can make a difference, one charge at a time.


 Thank you for taking part in our story. Pass this along, share it with a friend, and we look forward to seeing and hearing the life changing stories - small impacts making great change.

JUMPSTARTME changing our world, one charge at a time.